Equality, diversity and human rights

Equality and diversity

NHS Kernow is committed to promoting equality in access to services, health outcomes and in employment for all members of the diverse community it serves. We aim to ensure that this is at the centre of our work, and is integral to all of our functions and policies. 

We welcome the Public Sector Equality Duty and will use the Equality Delivery System (EDS2) to help us ensure that we are compliant with the duty. We are committed to engaging with all members of the public with our work, and the EDS, is critical to helping us achieve this. It helps assess how we are meeting our equality duties, and help us to set our equality objectives.

Human rights

NHS Kernow is committed to ensuring all NHS services respect human rights, treat people fairly and equitably, recognise the needs of the diverse communities we serve and meet local needs.

Our human rights statement and guidance is available here (PDF, 363kb). This document is an explanation of the law surrounding human rights and gives advice and guidance to staff and the public about the law on Human Rights and what this means in a healthcare environment.