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NHS Kernow financial planning - Annual budget

NHS Kernow financial planning - Annual budget


  £ 000
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHST 243,203
Plymouth Hospitals NHST 55,307
North Devon Hospital NHS Trust 6,378
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals NHSFT 2,422
Bristol providers 2,190
South West Ambulance NHS Trust 23,890
ISTCs and Duchy 20,883
Other providers 8,517
Non-contracted activity 5,868
Total acute 368,658
Cornwall Partnership NHSFT 23,150
Mental health pool fund 37,639
Psychological therapies 4,716
Supported living  11,060
Other providers and non-contracted activity 13,183
Total mental health and learning disabilities 89,748
Cornwall Partnership NHSFT 77,334
Other providers 12,959
Total community services 90,293
Prescribing 95,718
Out of Hours 8,070
Other Primary Care 10,483
Total Primary Care 114,271
Continuing care 57,830
Better Care Fund 21,615
Other commissioning budgets 6,537
Reserves 3,196
Total programme expenditure 752,148
Running costs 12,156
Total expenditure 764,304
Resource limit 725,510
Forecast year end position (38,794)

* These values will be subject to variation due to contract finalisation, activity variations and funding adjustments between organisations in the new NHS structure. Figures will be updated in financial updates to the Governing Body in our Board Papers.