Procurements and tendering processes

A list of procurements awarded and a future timetable can be found below. Information correct as at 29 February 2020. You can search for all of NHS Kernow’s contracts that are currently being tendered on the contracts finder website.
Contract ID Service Awarded to Annual contract value Contract term Service description New contract start Award type
39 External audit services Grant Thornton £54k 3 years + 2 years External auditors 01/04/2017 Competitive tender
497 Adult talking therapies Outlook South West £4.3m 3 years + 2 years Physological talking therapies 01/04/2017 Competitive tender
506 Occupational health Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust £15k 3 years Staff occupational health 01/04/2017 Competitive tender
503 Woundcare/dressings Convatec Limited £2.7m 3 years Supply of product to point of use and ordering and stock management system 01/06/2017 Competitive tender
500 111/OOH joint service Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Kernow CIC and Vocare £8.9m 5 years Out of hours GP access and 111 helpline 02/12/2017 Competitive tender
Various Audiology AQP Various £0m 2 years Hearing diagnostics and provision of equipment for adults over 55 years 01/10/2017 Any qualified provider (AQP)
33 Orthotic clinical service Steepers Group £120k 4 years Orthotic clinical sessions 30/04/2018 Direct award under east of England framework
33 Orthotic products Steepers Group £1m 4 years Bespoke orthotic products 30/04/2018 Direct award under NHS supply chain framework
508 Digital shared care plan and end of life register Royal Marsden Hospitals Trust £280k 2 years Interoperable software 01/04/2018 Competitive tender
589 Children and young peoples mental health – additional capacity Zenzone, Penhaligons Friends, Adaction £300K 1 year Additional support for main CFT mental health contract for specialty services Lot 1 – 0-5 yrs, Lot 2 – 6-11 yrs, Lot 3 – 12-18 yrs 01/04/2018 Competitive tender
597 GP Online web based tool for patients Hurley Innovations Ltd £410k 3 years GP Online web based tool for patients 26/03/2018 Crown Commercial G-cloud framework
611-662 Homecare and supported lifestyles Various £24.5m (health only) 4 years Home care and supported lifestyles services delivering care and support directly to a person in their own home 11/06/2018 Competitive tender (DPS) joint with Cornwall Council
609 111 online NHS Digital £0K 3 years Software to allow users to go through an online triage and be referred on to the most appropriate NHS care service or to self-treat at home 01/07/2018 G-cloud framework
566 Domestic abuse and sexual violence (DASV) First Light and Barnardos £86k 4 years Counselling and support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse 01/07/2018 Competitive tender via Cornwall Council
496 Non emergency patient transport – no award – extending existing whilst options appraisal is revisited E-Zec Ltd £4.8m 5 years Non emergency patient transport, cars, ambulances, taxis, volunteer drivers, centralised booking and Isles of Scilly transport 01/04/2019 Competitive tender
690 Procurement and contract management portal EU supply £9,506.66 2 years Procurement and contract management portal 01/04/2019 Direct award through PPSA regional agreement
589 Children and young peoples mental health – additional capacity Young People Cornwall £150K 1 year Additional support for main CFT mental health contract for specialty services (non recurrent) 01/09/2018 Competitive tender
676 Diagnostics – echocardio Express Diagnostics Variable 2 years + 1 year Echocardiology for east of the county 31/05/2019 Competitive tender – associate with NEW Devon CCG
668 Continence products Essity UK Ltd Variable 7 years Supply of continence products 01/04/2019 Competitive tender – associate with PPSA
  Children community services (east facing) Livewell/ICP   10 years with option to extend up to a further 5 years Intergated care partnership for Devon including an interface with east Cornwall facing patient flow option 01/07/2020 Competitive tender led by NHS Devon CCG
26 Wheelchairs and maintenance Millbrook Variable 2 years Bespoke and standard wheelchairs for long term hire. repair and maintenance Rolling Competitive tender
472 Internal audit Tiaa Ltd £54k 4 years Internal audit 30/06/2016 Competitive tender
493 Legal services Browne Jacobson Variable 5 years Legal services 01/10/2016 Competitive tender
Various Physio therapy services (MSK) Various Variable 1 + 1 years AQP physiotherapy and chiropractor services for lower back and neck pain New contract created 01/04/2019 Any qualified provider