Decisions from 1 November 2016

The Governing Body made the following decisions on 1 November 2016:

  • Telehealth: Disinvest. NHS Kernow will disinvest from this service and issued a 12 month formal notice to the provider on 2 November 2016. During this intervening period, NHS Kernow wishes to consider what other potential method of intervention/s could support people in the future.  Any commissioning decision to provide this will be evidence based, in line with the development of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and digital and technological developments.  It will need to be a flexible model capable of supporting a greater number of people whilst also demonstrating cost effectiveness when compared to other priorities the CCG needs to consider.
  • Orthotics: Monitor this contract until it expires in March 2018. 

July 2017 update

On 1 November 2016, NHS Kernow’s Governing Body made a decision to disinvest from the Telehealth service which it commissioned from Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. This decision was supported by a full and thorough impact assessment, which included the opinions of people who use the service, clinicians and the service provider. Details about the reason to disinvest from the service can be read here.   

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has now written to everyone who uses this service to confirm the service is ending in November 2017. The trust will examine each patient’s individual situation and decide what support, if any they need as they discontinue Telehealth. This may include monitoring or supporting someone through mainstream community services; monitoring someone through primary care; or helping someone to manage their condition. A full clinical handover will take place between Telehealth and the service user’s GP at least two weeks before the service is withdrawn. 

We are working with Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to agree the finances released by Telehealth disinvestment which will offer an opportunity for investment into evidence based self-management support for people living with long term conditions.