Decisions from 7 March 2017

Mental health voluntary sector contracts

Further to the Governing Body meeting on 4 October 2016, and the paper presented to the Commissioning Priorities Group in November 2016, the mental health programme has been in discussion with Cornwall Council regarding the impact of the decisions, and to seek agreement regarding co-funding some of the services from 1 April 2017. 

The Governing Body made the decision that the current service models for the services detailed below would not be commissioned beyond 1 April 2017. In addition, NHS Kernow would discuss these decisions with Cornwall Council to understand its impact and determine whether there are any alternative funding opportunities going forward.

In October 2016, NHS Kernow promised to work with Cornwall Council to explore funding options for a number of small mental health services delivered by voluntary sector organisations in the county.

We are now pleased to confirm that NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council have agreed to co-fund the following services for up to a further 12 months, whilst a joint review is carried out to consider how they fit with the wider integration of health and care services.

  • Pentreath - Vocational Workers
  • Pentreath - Primary Care Vocational Workers
  • Pentreath and Penta Health and Wellbeing – Enablement Project

Cornwall Council have also agreed to fully fund the Rethink Mental Illness service while a review is carried out.

The funding arrangements for these services will begin from 1 April 2017.

Referrals can be made as follows:

The positions regarding the remaining services are as follows:

  • CRASAC and WRASAC – specialist counselling
    The Mental Health Programme is working with NHS England, Police and Crime Commissioners and Cornwall Council to develop and progress the procurement of each element of the Sexual Assault Pathway together. This is in line with the Governing Body decision.
  • CRCC Service User Involvement/Sea Sanctuary/Regain Nightlink
    These services have now been decommissioned in line with the Governing Body decision.