Welcome from our Chairman

Our responsibility at NHS Kernow is to commission services that improve the health of our population and their experience of those services. We are allocated public funds, of around £700 million, to achieve that and we all have a shared responsibility to ensure that we deliver the best value within that finite resource. 

Cornwall has some of the most deprived areas in the country and our population is amongst the poorest in Europe. I am proud to be part of an organisation that is driven to reduce inequalities and develop health and social care services that are built around the needs of individual people and local communities. 

Our locality structure and focus on innovation has given NHS Kernow national and international recognition. Bringing the wider community into the care of others, with the recognition of the advantages to be gained from involvement of the voluntary sector, is beginning to see objective evidence of reduced spend in health and social care, whilst at the same time improving the quality and experience of care. This is our Triple Aim and I look forward to increased partnership working between our providers, further integration with social care, education, the police and community groups, so that we continue to see Cornwall at the cutting edge of care. 

This can only be achieved by radically transforming the way we work, staying the same is not an option. Transforming community teams built around clusters of GP practices has already begun, that must continue at pace if we are to meet the challenging financial restraints placed upon us. We all have a part to play, as clinicians, managers and most importantly as patients. Every thing we do has a consequence elsewhere in the system; we might spend around one per cent of the total NHS budget for England here in Cornwall, but every wasted prescription avoided and every referral made with consideration means we have more to invest in that transformation, which has to be better for everyone in Cornwall.