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NHS Kernow’s website closed on 30 June 2022. Visit the NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board website for information about our health and care services.

The NHS system

The NHS is a complex system of organisations. The 2012 Health and Social Care Act abolished some parts of the NHS and created new ones. The TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster has a directory of plain English definitions of commonly used words and phrases in health and social care.
Who provides services in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Children’s services.
  • Community services.
  • Continuing healthcare.
  • Infertility.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Maternity and new-born.
  • Mental health.
  • Primary medical services (as delegated by NHS England).
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Urgent and emergency hospital care.

NHS England (commissioning board area team)

National and regional

  • Military health.
  • Prison health.
  • Specialised services.


  • All dentist services.
  • Community ophthalmology.
  • Community pharmacy.
  • Health visiting.
  • Immunisation.
  • Screening.
  • Sexual assault referral.

NHS Property Services

  • NHS estates including community hospitals

Public Health England and locally within Cornwall Council and the Council of the Isles of Scilly


  • Emergency planning for pandemics.
  • Health intelligence.
  • Health Protection Agency.
  • Social marketing to improve health.


  • Accident prevention.
  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco services.
  • Healthy child programme.
  • Healthy lifestyles including exercise and diet.
  • Mental health promotion and suicide prevention.
  • NHS Health Check.
  • Oral health.
  • Reducing birth defects.
  • Reducing excess winter deaths.
  • Sexual health.
  • Workplace health.

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