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Booster bookings opened a month early

People can now book their COVID-19 booster appointment 5 months (152 days) after their second dose, meaning they could receive their top up vaccine on the day they become eligible at 6 months (182 days).
The booster vaccination programme was recommended by the Joint Committee of Vaccinations and Immunisations to boost the immunity in those who are most likely to become seriously unwell from COVID-19.

Iain Davidson, chief pharmacist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, is helping to facilitate the roll-out of the vaccination programme across the county. Iain said: “Our local teams across the county are working extremely hard to vaccinate our eligible population. This includes delivering essential boosters of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to those who had their second jabs over 6 months ago.

“It has been great to see the public come forward in such large numbers to get their booster jabs. They know how important vaccination is to keep themselves and their loved ones safe this winter. People may be able to access their booster jab via their GP in some areas. They can book appointments on the national booking system, which we always recommend where people want to be guaranteed of a slot. There are walk-in offers across the county, but there is potential for longer waits where demand is high. We ask people to be patient, be kind and understanding with staff.”

On boosters, Iain added: “People become eligible for the booster jab at 6 months after their second dose. They will receive a letter or text message at 5 months asking them to book this appointment in advance. I encourage those eligible to book an appointment to give them the peace of mind that their appointment is confirmed. The Cornwall booster programme will be using Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. This is in line with guidance from NHS England, irrespective of which vaccine you received for your first and second dose. AstraZeneca is available but reserved for those who are not able to have Pfizer or Moderna for medical reasons, such as allergy.”

How to book your COVID-19 booster appointment

Across Cornwall there are currently 18 sites you can book your booster appointment at. Some GP practices will be offering bookings to their patients through their local booking system.

Those who are eligible can book their COVID-19 booster appointment by visiting the national booking system website. You can also call 119.

As well as booking an appointment, people can access walk-in sites. For more information, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 vaccination page.

Added on 12 November 2021, in News - COVID vaccine

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