Enhanced health in care homes programme patient story

This patient story from the enhanced health in care homes programme was presented at our 7 May 2019 Governing Body meeting.
Louisa Forbes advised that she had been leading on the twelve month programme, which involved 8 care homes. Due to modern medicine, the average person is now living longer which is creating high demand on care homes, with needs focusing on frailty, end of life, disabilities and dementia.

The programme is at the half way point and the purpose of bringing the presentation to Governing Body was to provide an introduction to the model, for those unaware of the work, update on the progress of work and to gain feedback from Governing Body members.

Dr Iain Chorlton thanked Louisa Forbes for her enthusiasm and work to date. Governing Body members advised that the briefing demonstrated the considerable work that had taken place, and was an uplifting report highlighting the importance of networking, relationships and communications between teams.

Louisa advised that although there would be challenges, a number of care homes had expressed their desire to be involved in the initiative and the suggestion would be to roll the programme out to another 10 care homes across the county and the Isles of Scilly in year 2, to buddy with the original 8 care homes. Regular events would be provided to support this, as well as accessing existing learning and development resources, to provide further education and training through care forums on a 2 monthly basis. Louisa advised that the medicines optimisation team had already done considerable work in building a good relationship with care homes through a friendly approach, which the programme would look to emulate.

Jackie Pendleton advised that recent conversations with Helen Charlesworth-May has identified that the care home sector is one of the biggest challenges and a vulnerable area. It was really important that work to help stabilise the market was spread as quickly as possible. Mrs Thomas confirmed collaboration meetings have taken place with Cornwall Council to address challenges from a system level and an email has gone out to care homes with contact details to reach out to if they are experiencing any challenges. In addition, the early warning score will be utilised around care homes, and primary care networks will facilitate changes.

Enhanced health in care homes programme video

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