Pharmacists can help with a range of common illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throats, earache, nappy rash, cystitis (bladder infection), impetigo (skin condition) and emergency contraception. You can also get advice on prescription medicines.

To find your nearest pharmacy visit

Pharmacists can arrange an emergency supply of medicines if you forget to renew your prescription or bring your medication on holiday, even if you don’t live in Cornwall.

Pharmacy opening times during the bank holidays

Check which pharmacies are open.

What services do pharmacies offer?

All pharmacies will provide the following services:

  • Advice on treatment of minor conditions
  • Dispensing (including repeat requests)
  • Emergency contraception

What else can pharmacists offer?

Pharmacies offer a range of health services that you may not be aware of. For example, pharmacies promote health and wellbeing, and provide access to stopping smokingsexual health and alcohol support services. Pharmacies may also provide a flu vaccination service, chlamydia screening, pregnancy testing and NHS health checks. These services could save you a trip to your GP!

Collecting old medicines

If your medicine is out of date, unwanted, or some of it is left over after you have stopped taking it, don't throw it away yourself. Instead, take it to your pharmacy to be disposed of safely. Never throw away medicine in the bin, burn it or flush it down the toilet, as this can harm the environment.

Get the best from your medicines

Take medicines as prescribed. It's okay to ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines they are prescribing for you or to tell them you are no longer taking them.

Check your medication when you pick up your prescription before you leave and return any medicines you don’t need to the pharmacy or dispensary.

Unused medicines are a waste of NHS resources!