Think! before you request a repeat prescription

Wasted medicines cost the NHS in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly almost £2 million a year. That’s enough to pay for 65 community nurses or 230 hip replacement operations.

To reduce the amount of medicine that is wasted, NHS Kernow wants to encourage patients to Think! about their medicines and to only order what they need when renewing their prescriptions.

We are also urging patients to discuss any questions they have about their medication with their GP or pharmacist.

You should talk to your GP or pharmacist if:

  • you are unsure why they are taking any of their medicines;
  • you are confused about what to take and when;
  • you are suffering from any side effects;
  • you are not taking all of their medicines on their prescription.

You will be encouraged to complete a medicine record, which lists the types and quantities of medication you have at home. This will be given to your GP or pharmacist when you order your next repeat prescription to ensure you only receive the medicines you need. It can also be used to help ensure that all medicines run out at the same time.

NHS Kernow’s prescribing team are working with pharmacists and GPs to ensure their patients medication is continually reviewed, and to encourage patients to ask questions about their medication. To find your local pharmacist go to or call NHS 111.