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We have a governance structure in place which details our core committees, groups which formally report to committees, external boards and programmes and committees with delegated functions.
Each committee has set terms of reference. They contain information about the committee including the remit and responsibilities of the committee, membership, attendance, quoracy, voting arrangements, administration and reporting arrangements.

Committee dates are set well in advance and as a rule papers are due 7 working days before the meeting and are circulated (or published) 4 working days before the meeting. Whilst not expected, dates are occasionally subject to change.

About our committees

Governing Body

For the Governing Body this information is covered in its standing orders which are contained within our Constitution (PDF, 1.26 KB).

Members of the public are welcome to attend Governing Body meetings. View dates, meeting papers and submit a question to the board.

Audit committee

The purpose of the audit committee is to provide independent scrutiny and assurance of NHS Kernow’s activity with particular emphasis on the:

  • integrity of the financial accounts
  • effectiveness of integrated governance, risk management and internal control
  • compliance with regulatory and statutory duties
  • effectiveness of internal and external audit functions

Download the audit committee terms of reference (PDF, 313 KB)

Finance and performance committee

The primary function of the finance and performance committee is to provide objective scrutiny of our financial plans and decisions.

Download the finance and performance committee terms of reference (PDF, 266 KB)

Primary care commissioning committee

This committee has been established by NHS Kernow and NHS England to enable decisions to be made jointly on the commissioning of primary medical care. It reports to both NHS England and our Governing Body.

Download the primary care commissioning committee terms of reference (PDF, 177 KB)

Members of the public are welcome to attend primary care commissioning committee meetings. View dates and meeting papers.

Quality committee

The quality committee oversees all the services we commission to ensure:

  • they perform to the recognised standards
  • are safe and equitable
  • risk is well managed
  • the people who use those services are satisfied

Download the quality and performance committee terms of reference (PDF, 462 KB)

Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee fulfils our obligation with respect to remuneration and terms of service as outlined in our constitution for:

  • the executive team
  • very senior managers (VSMs)
  • Governing Body members
  • clinical leads

It allows the CCG to discharge its statutory duty to establish a remuneration committee as set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and in regulations.

Download the remuneration committee terms of reference (PDF, 156 KB)

People and organisational governance committee

The people and organisational governance committee oversees many of the non-clinical and non-financial statutory duties such as:

It also has oversight of human resources and organisational development activities.

Download the people and organisational governance committee terms of reference (PDF, 176 KB)

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