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Key governance information

Find out more about our conflicts of interest, schemes of delegation, standing orders and governance statements.

Our constitution

Our constitution (PDF, 1.26 MB) sets out the standards and rules the organisation will follow.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest is something that could lead a person to think someone else’s ability to judge, act or influenced (or could be) by another interest they hold. For example, if someone owned shares in a business, we would not be satisfied they could make a fair and robust decision about whether NHS Kernow should give that business a contract.

The way we handle conflicts of interest is important. This is because the public, healthcare providers and Parliament need to be confident our commissioning decisions are:

  • robust
  • fair
  • honest
  • offer value for money

If we don’t manage conflicts of interest well, our decisions could be open to legal challenge. It could also lead to fraud, bribery and corruption.

Sometimes companies who we work with will send or offer us gifts, offer hospitality or sponsorship. For example paying for travel costs to an event. This needs to be carefully managed, so our decisions stay fair and honest.

We can not always avoid conflicts of interest. It is how we manage them which matters.

We have a declaration of interests, hospitality acceptance of gifts and sponsorship policy (PDF, 382 KB). This tells people when and how to tell us about these things and how we will manage them.

We talk about the declarations of interest at the start of each Governing Body meeting. The chair asks members to confirm whether there are any changes to the register at the start of each meeting.

The declarations of members’ interests and information on gifts and hospitality are published in our Governing Body papers and minutes.


If you have a question about conflicts of interest, email our corporate governance team.

Annual governance statement

We publish an annual report and financial statements at the end of each financial year. Our annual report includes a governance statement. The statement holds information about the way we run NHS Kernow to meet legal expectations. As well as being ethical, sustainable and effective.

Scheme of delegation (standing financial instructions)

The scheme of delegation (PDF, 444 KB) is sometimes called the standing financial instructions. It explains our financial responsibilities, policies and procedures. Everyone working here or acting for us must follow these rules.

The scheme of delegation helps us ensure the financial decisions we make follow the law. As well as accepted accounting practices and meet government policy. It sits closely together with the scheme of reservation and delegation.

Scheme of reservation and delegation

Different types of decisions can be made by different parts of our organisation. Our scheme of reservation and delegation (PDF, 218 KB) is where we keep this information.

It sets out which decisions can be made by:

  • our Governing Body
  • committees
  • sub-committees
  • some individual employees

Standing orders

Our standing orders describe the way the Governing Body do business.

They include information on the:

  • appointment to key jobs such as Governing Body members
  • process to change who or which group can make a decision
  • way we will run our meetings

The standing orders are in our constitution.

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