Key governance information

Find out more about our conflicts of interest, schemes of delegation, standing orders and governance statements.

Our Constitution

Our governing arrangements are set out in our Constitution (PDF, 1.26 KB). This document sets out the principles and rules by which the organisation will operate.

Conflicts of interest

Effective handling of conflicts of interest (COI) is crucial to give confidence to the public, tax payers, healthcare providers and Parliament that our commissioning decisions are robust, fair and transparent and offer value for money.

A conflict of interest is defined as a set of circumstances by which a reasonable person would consider that an individual’s ability to apply judgement or act, in the context of delivering, commissioning, or assuring taxpayer funded health and care service is, or could be, impaired or influenced by another interest they hold.

Failure to manage conflicts of interest could lead to legal challenges and even criminal action in the event of fraud, bribery and corruption. Conflicts of interest are inevitable in commissioning and can arise throughout the whole of the commissioning cycle from needs assessment to procurement exercises to contract monitoring. It is how we manage them which matters.

All staff are required to complete annual declarations of interest, this includes all GP partners from member practices who must complete a declaration too along with any other primary care staff who assist us in their commissioning duties, e.g. locality leads, clinical leads, practice managers, pharmacists, etc.

All Governing Body members are asked to declare their interests at the start of each meeting. The declarations of members’ interests are published as part of the papers and minutes. This is in-line with national guidance and our promise to be an open and transparent organisation.

Conflict of interest reports

Annual governance statement

All NHS organisations are required to publish an annual report and financial statements at the end of each financial year. As part of this we are required to submit a governance statement. The purpose of the governance statement is to provide assurance about the stewardship of the CCG. The governance statement is based on evidence on governance, risk management and control.

The annual governance statement can be found within our annual report.

Scheme of delegation (standing financial instructions)

The scheme of delegation (sometimes known as the standing financial instructions) identifies the financial responsibilities which apply to everyone working here, this includes staff on temporary or honorary contracts, staff from member practices acting on our behalf, and any external organisations acting on our behalf.

The scheme of delegation explains the financial responsibilities, policies and procedures adopted by the organisation. They are designed to ensure financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the law, generally accepted accounting practices and with Government policy in order to achieve probity, accuracy, economy, efficiency and effectiveness. They should be used in conjunction with the schedule of decisions reserved to the Governing Body and the scheme of reservation and delegation.

Download our scheme of delegation (PDF, 566 KB)

Scheme of reservation and delegation

Our scheme of reservation and delegation sets out decisions reserved for the membership and decisions which are the responsibility of our Governing Body (and its committees), committees and sub-committees, individual members and employees. It should be noted we remain accountable for all of its functions, including those it has delegated.

Standing orders

We have agreed a set of standing orders which describe the processes employed to undertake its business. They include procedures for:

  • conducting the business of the clinical commissioning group
  • the appointment to key roles including Governing Body members
  • the process to delegate powers
  • the procedures to be followed during meetings

Download a copy of the standing orders (PDF, 1.26MB).