Risk assessing our staff for COVID-19

Using the guidance of the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors, and working with local partners, we have created a robust COVID-19 risk assessment for our staff. It’s a simple online assessment with a more refined and developed scoring system, based on the growing knowledge of COVID-19 and its transmission. 
It is an organisational priority for every member of our team to have an up to date risk assessment which will inform any additional measures we need to put in place to keep everyone within their place of work safe. We will be sharing this information below.

Completed risk assessments as of 4 November 2020

Based on a workforce of 274
Number of workforce risk assessed 232
Percent of workforce risk assessed 85%
Number of workforce at increased risk 163
Percent of workforce at increased risk 49%
Number of increased workforce risk assessed 159
Percent from increased risk workforce risk assessed 98%