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Non-contract activity (NCA)

Non-contract activity is the term used to describe NHS-funded services delivered to a patient by a provider which does not hold a contract with NHS Kernow, but does with another CCG. You can view our non-contract activity policy here.

NHS Kernow will fund non-contract activity through the following procedures:

Prior notification

NHS Kernow has a duty to fund treatment where a patient has exercised ‘patient choice’ (a GP, dentist or optometrist referral to consultant-led elective care). However, in order to ensure payment, providers are requested to complete a Prior Notification form and submit it to  

The provider will be issued with a prior notification reference which will enable payment. 

Prior approval

NHS Kernow does not have a duty to fund treatment outside of ‘patient choice’. In these circumstances providers will need to seek prior approval before payment. Providers are required to complete a Prior Approval form and submit it to

The provider will be issued with a prior approval reference. Where an invoice is submitted without a prior approval reference, payment will not be made.

Transport requests

NHS Kernow will repatriate NHS Kernow patients from anywhere in the UK. Where Patient Transport is required for an NHS Kernow patient, providers must contact NHS Kernow transport office who will make arrangements to repatriate our patients.

For transport requests, please telephone the Patient Transport Office at Royal Cornwall Hospital on 01872 252211.