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Non-contract activity

Non-contract activity is the term used to refer to NHS-funded services delivered to a patient by a provider which does not hold a contract with NHS Kernow but does with another clinical commissioning group (CCG).
NHS Kernow will fund non-contract activity through the processes below.

Non-contract activity prior notification

NHS Kernow has a duty to fund treatment where a patient has requested patient choice. Such as by their GP, dentist, or optometrist referral to consultant-led elective care.

To ensure payment, providers will need to:

Please do not send patient identifiable information with the form.

Non-contract activity prior approval

NHS Kernow does not have a duty to fund treatment if the patient goes outside of patient choice.

In these circumstances, providers will need to ask for prior approval before payment.

To ensure payment for the treatment, providers will need to:

Please do not send patient identifiable information with the form.

Transport requests

NHS Kernow will repatriate NHS Kernow patients from anywhere in the UK where they meet the nationally defined medical criteria.

The patient transport service is for patients who have been assessed as requiring transport due to medical need and is mainly limited to ambulance transport.

NHS Kernow is not able to provide patient transport for social reasons, or privately funded appointments or treatment.

If a provider has a patient they need to repatriate and they qualify for NHS transport, they should contact the centralised booking service at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. They handle all patient transport service requests for NHS Kernow patients.

Call the centralised booking service on 01872 252211. Opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
  • Weekends and bank holidays, 9.30am to 5pm

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