Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure log

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2017/18 - Quarter four

March 2018 

  • Continuing healthcare: Continuing healthcare information
  • Contracts: Wound care products | GP schemes
  • Individual funding requests: Individual funding requests
  • Long term conditions: Community equipment | Lymphoedema services
  • Organisation: GP federations | Organisation structure | Governing body
  • Patient safety and experience: Out of hours services
  • Prescribing and pharmacies: Blood glucose formulary
  • Public health: GP practices
  • Referral management: Ophthalmology | Referral management spend
  • Women’s health: Contraception 

February 2018

  • Continuing healthcare: Spend
  • Contracts: Enhanced services | GP contact information | Telephone and internet services
  • Finance and budgets: Capped expenditure process
  • Mental health and learning disabilities: Spend
  • Organisation: Contact information | Complaints | HR policies
  • Prescribing and pharmacies: Pain medicine prescribing
  • Properties and estates: Strategic estates plan
  • Referral management: MSK services | Ophthalmology
  • Women’s health: Sexual assault referral services | Contraceptive prescribing 

January 2018

  • Care homes: Care homes and residents
  • Continuing healthcare: Applications, Personal Health Budgets and spend
  • Long term condition: Diabetes services
  • Mental health and learning disabilities: Spend and services
  • Organisation: Organisation structure, social media and Governing Body
  • Patient safety and experience: Trauma and orthopaedic services, palliative care and telehealth
  • Prescribing and pharmacies: Bowel cancer
  • Properties and estates: Strategic estates plan

2017/18 - Quarter three

2017/18 - Quarter two 

2017/18 - Quarter one 

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