Citizen Advisory Panel

The Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) provides an independent view and critical friendship on matters relating to health and care.
In particular, the CAP help to ensure that the voice of the local population is heard and influences developments. That opportunity is created for meaningful, targeted and proportionate carer and public engagement and given equal importance to the work that is done with health and care partners.

Read about the Citizen Advisory Panel in the 2018/19 annual report (PDF, 1.5MB).

CAP meetings
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2020/21 meeting dates

2019/20 meeting dates

12 April 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 278 KB)
24 May 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 280 KB)
28 June 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 281 KB)
26 July 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 253 KB)
23 August 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 302 KB)
27 September 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 269 KB)
25 October 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 272 KB)
22 November 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 284 KB)
13 December 2019 – view the minutes (PDF, 540 KB)
24 January 2020 – view the minutes (PDF, 269 KB)
28 February 2020 – view the minutes (PDF, 263 KB)
27 March 2020 – cancelled
Sally Turner, chair of the CAP, shares her experience as a member

Meet our CAP members

Lay members

Sally Turner, chair

Sally is a lay member and elected chair of CAP for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership.

Having taught for 30 years, working in Cornwall’s secondary schools, Sally retired and became a member of Perranporth Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG). Sally is as passionate about health matters as she is about education. Sally is also the elected chair of the Carrick PPG representatives group and in that role attends, with 2 other representatives, the Carrick GP locality group meetings – GPs and practice managers from 3 primary care networks (PCNs). In all these groups, we are endeavouring to increase the level of engagement between the health and care partners and people and their communities to further everyone’s understanding of services and needs.

Nigel May, vice chair

Nigel became involved in NHS issues as a result of concerns about the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and organised a local meeting to discuss the implications of the new Act. As a result, Nigel was asked to join the Quay Lane Surgery PPG and then became the chair of the east locality umbrella meeting for PPG reps.

Nigel’s involvement expanded when he joined the patient reference group which morphed into the CAP of NHS Kernow and is the vice chair.

Because the main acute hospital for the east and north localities is the University Hospital Plymouth (Derriford), Nigel felt that it was important patients from east Cornwall had a voice – so Nigel applied and was appointed to the Patient Council. Amongst several areas of interest, of particular interest is patient discharge.

Steve Bird, east Cornwall representative

Steve is a family man with 3 grown up children and a number of pet dogs, 1 of which is a support dog that tells him when he has low blood sugar. He’s had type 1 diabetes for 43 years, which is now controlled by an insulin pump and managed using the Librelink App. Following a sporting accident in 2002, Steve gained a spinal injury leaving him dependant on a wheelchair for mobility.

Steve is the chair of Old Bridge Surgery in Looe, a member of the CAP and the One and All team delivering the project on personalised care within Cornwall. He is now a HOPE course facilitator and is looking forward to delivering this course across Cornwall. Steve is also an NHS Kernow digital champion and is keen to use this skill to help patients take advantage of the ever expanding range of apps now available through the NHS. Steve is currently enrolled on the understanding the health and social care environment course run by NHS England.

Nigel Morson, mid Cornwall representative

Nigel is a long standing member of the CAP and a member of the primary care commissioning committee.

With a background in the finance industries, Nigel moved to Cornwall in 2008 with his wife, who is a consultant psychiatrist. Nigel has been involved in NHS campaigns and committees for many years and believes passionately in a properly funded NHS, adhering to the founding principles which led to it being the envy of the world, and in the involvement of patients and public.

Joan Heaton, north Cornwall representative

Joan is an elected member of Launceston Town Council and St Stephen by Launceston Rural Parish Council.

Joan is also a member of Launceston Medical Centre PPG and independent custody visitor working out of the office of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner.

Joan has lived in Launceston since 2002, after living in various locations around the world, and has family roots in Cornwall through her husband. Joan is committed to supporting healthcare and conservation in our region.

Kathy Doeser, west Cornwall representative

Bio coming soon.

Jeremy Preedy, west Cornwall representative

Jeremy retired from his role as divisional HR director in a multi-national company in 1995. He became his wife’s full time carer when she was found to have Huntington’s disease. He became a volunteer with Healthwatch Cornwall, Age UK and Penwith Integrated Care Forum. He is secretary of Cornwall HDA and a member of the West Integrated Care Board.

Other members

Ian Jones, chief executive of Volunteer Cornwall

Volunteer Cornwall is a charity dedicated to developing social action across the Duchy. They have teams who work with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals to engage, promote and enhance volunteering opportunities in a wide variety of areas, particularly in health and care.

Ian has a practical and academic background in community and economic development, complex systems, learning and behaviour change, both in the UK and overseas. He has been active for many years in assisting with health and care colleagues to look at ways to improve people’s wellbeing and make services more effective and efficient. As a CAP member, Ian is very keen to hear what is happening across Cornwall from the community context as well as to share ideas about health and care service development.

Nikki Kelly, patient and public involvement Governing Body lay member for NHS Kernow

Nikki has more than 20 years of experience in advocacy, place-based regeneration, social justice, high impact community events and supporting people in some of the country’s most deprived communities, most recently as the director for premier league football club Tottenham Hotspur’s Foundation.

She has previously worked alongside the public sector to support people with long-term conditions both within acute care settings and in their community.

Louise Moore, NHS Kernow

Louise is the patient and public involvement assistant in NHS Kernow’s communications and engagement team. Louise provides administrative support to the CAP.

Other members include the chief executive officers of Healthwatch Cornwall; Healthwatch Isles of Scilly coordinators; NHS England and Improvement programme manager for South West Integrated Personal Commissioning. Virtual members (receive all documentation) include NHS Kernow’s equality and diversity lead and Young People Cornwall.