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Background information

Edward Hain Community Hospital’s 12 inpatient beds were temporarily closed in February 2016. This was because of fire safety concerns. Since then, people who live and work in the area have thought about how we deliver health and care services.
We have tried to use the hospital in different ways. For example, between January and September 2019 we tested a scheme to help people regain their independence. This was 1 of the options on the list considered by community stakeholder group.

When Edward Hain Community Hospital was open it also had 1 bed for people with drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment allowed for detoxification in a safe place. People across Cornwall were able to use this bed, as well as residents. The treatment is now provided at Helston Community Hospital.

Podiatry (providing care to people with foot, ankle and lower leg conditions) and community mental health clinics have remained at the hospital. The podiatry clinics are held on 2 days each week. The mental health clinics occur 1 morning a month.

During the peak of COVID-19, face to face clinics paused. Some people received their appointments by telephone. In August, face to face podiatry clinics started again.


Edward Hain Community Hospital, St Ives is in west Cornwall (Penwith). About 65,170 people live in Penwith.

There are 8 GP practices in Penwith. Together they make up a group of practices called the Penwith Primary Care Network (PCN).

What has happened in the area since the closure of inpatient beds at Edward Hain Community Hospital?

We always try to improve our services. People now receive care which is more co-ordinated and closer to home. This work has helped us to decide how to improve health and care services in Penwith and St Ives.

We have made a lot of changes to meet people’s needs. These include:

  • 2 extra end of life beds at St Julia’s Hospice, Hayle
  • providing more short-term reablement support to people at home and in the community

Reablement services help people to regain their independence after an illness or injury. This will mean fewer people need to go to hospital. There are also more staff who work in the community.

We have also changed the way we use hospital beds. West Cornwall Hospital provides more rehabilitation (therapy to improve people’s independence). The hospital and community staff work closer together to help people’s recovery and shorten the time they spend in hospital.

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