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Our engagement work

This page tells you in more detail how we worked together with people who live and work in Penwith.

Working in partnership with you

This project has focused on the needs of local people and has been delivered in partnership with the community.

We had a group of more than 100 people who wanted to be kept informed of our discussions. These are people who use services, carers and staff as well as people from local organisations.

We call these people our ‘stakeholders.’ They have an important role to play. Out of this group 53 people attended our workshops. They represented 25 different organisations. Everyone worked together. We agreed how we would develop and evaluate options for the future use of Edward Hain Community Hospital.

Each time we held a workshop, about 35 people from the community stakeholder group came along. At each workshop they shared their views.

Stakeholder groups

The stakeholder group included:

Age UK Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

  • Operations manager

Alverton GP practice

  • Care co-ordinator

Bodriggy Health Centre, PPG and Hayle Day Care

  • Chair

Bodriggy Health Centre PPG and Hayle Town Council

  • Representative

Bosence Farm Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

  • Chief executive officer

Citizen Advisory Panel

  • Representative

Cornwall Care Services

  • Staff member

Cornwall Council

  • Adult social care staff member
  • Community link officer
  • Community safety partnership/health commissioning
  • Contracts manager
  • Councillor, Lelant and Carbis Bay
  • Councillor, Marazion and Perranuthnoe
  • Councillor, St Buryan
  • Councillor, St Ives west
  • Councillor, St Ives east
  • Drug and alcohol team staff member
  • Family hub co-ordinator
  • Head of service adult social care
  • Property strategy lead
  • Property strategy officer
  • Public health consultant
  • Quality assurance team staff member

Cornwall Hospice Care

  • Medical director

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

  • Business support manager
  • Clinical workforce lead
  • Community mental health team manager
  • Head of patient experience
  • Integrated care area director
  • Occupational therapy team lead
  • Staff member, Penwith community rehabilitation team
  • Strategic finance lead

Cornwallis Care Services

  • Staff member

Disability Cornwall

  • Communications manager
  • Trustee

Edward Hain Community Hospital

  • Matron

Edward Hain League of Friends

  • Chairman
  • Representative x2
  • Vice-chair

Healthwatch Cornwall

  • Representative

Liberal Democrat Party

  • National and local campaigner and former local MP

Marazion Surgery

  • Care co-ordinator

Marazion Surgery PPG

  • Representative

NHS Property Services

  • Senior portfolio optimisation manager

Penwith Day Centre

  • Trustee

Penwith Dementia Friendly Communities

  • Representative

Penwith 50+ Forum

  • Representative

Stennack Surgery

  • GP

Volunteer Cornwall

  • Community maker

West Cornwall HealthWatch

  • Representative x2

West Cornwall Hospital

  • Matron

Making sure people have their say and knew how to get involved

We agreed a plan at the start of the project to make sure we could involve people and collect their views.

We checked our plan with 1 person from West Cornwall HealthWatch and 1 member of the Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) for the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership.

As the project progressed, we updated and changed our plan.

Who else did we talk to and share information with?

We talked to lots of people because we wanted to make sure we received a range of views, ideas and feedback.

Then we shared information with more than 680 other people and organisations. They received this at each step of the process and have been able to share their thoughts with us.

The different groups and people that we spoke to are listed below.


The CAP provides an independent view and critical friendship on matters relating to health and care. People from this group helped us decide our evaluation process.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

Made up of people who are registered with local GP practices. They have an interest in the services provided by GPs and local services. We went to meetings to tell people about this project and listen to their views. Some people from the PPG came to our workshops.

Healthwatch Cornwall

We told Healthwatch Cornwall about this project and how people could get involved. They helped us decide our evaluation process. They also helped us to tell people about this project.

West Cornwall HealthWatch

People from this group attended local community groups and workshops to tell us people’s views and opinions. 1 person from this group was a member of our evaluation panel. We asked them to do this to make sure the views of the community were shared.

Cornwall Council’s Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and elected members

We have given regular updates to elected councillors and the scrutiny committee. We have done this to make sure councillors knew about the project, could take part and tell people what we were doing. The Scrutiny Committee has a role in overseeing how we are taking forward this work and engaging with local people to reach decisions that reflect the health and care needs of local people.

NHS England and NHS Improvement

This is part of the national NHS. They checked we did everything we needed to.

The Consultation Institute

A national organisation that advises on best practice for engagement and consultation. They helped to make sure we did everything we needed to do.

The South West Clinical Senate

A group of independent clinicians. They checked our clinical decisions and helped us understand what is safe and appropriate.

Health and care clinicians, practitioners and volunteers

People and teams who understand the community, its needs and how services can meet these.

How have we communicated and shared information so far?

Clear and easy to read documents

All meeting minutes, papers and presentations have been shared and published on our website.

NHS Kernow website

Up to date page with all meeting minutes and presentations. These include video tours of the hospital and interviews with stakeholders and clinicians.

Between April 2019 and August 2020, 717 people viewed the information. 265 people watched the video tour of the hospital.

Social media

We used Facebook and Twitter to ask people what they thought about our plans. 2,228 people have viewed our Facebook posts and 1,901 people have viewed our tweets.

Ask Cornwall web platform

Healthwatch Cornwall developed Ask Cornwall, a digital community platform. This has forums where people can talk about Edward Hain Community Hospital and services in Penwith.


We surveyed GPs at the start of the project to find out what they thought. We also had GPs at our workshops and clinical meetings.

Existing meetings, events and public drop-in sessions

We went to community networks, panels and groups such as town and parish councils. We also went to public forums to talk about the project and answer people’s questions and make sure they could tell us what they thought. There were 3 public drop-in sessions in St Ives, Penzance and St Just. These were held in the evening between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Planned workshops

We held workshops so people could tell us what they thought and help to develop our ideas. About 35 people came to each workshop.


We told reporters about our work and kept them updated.

Clinical leadership

As well as the people on our community stakeholder group we had lots of nurses, doctors and therapists work with us.

People were happy that nurses, doctors and therapists worked with us. They felt this meant the process was based on people’s needs and the staff who look after them.

How the community and health and care services worked together

We have worked with the people on our community stakeholder group from the start. We have agreed together how to progress each piece of work to ensure the approach is thorough.

Identified key people

For example, people from health and social care, local councillors, West Cornwall Healthwatch, Edward Hain League of Friends, GP patient participation groups and interested community groups.

Contributed to the development of the case for change

This set out what people needed, how they use services and the plans for future services.

Developed design rules and priorities for service improvement

These included what was important such as designing services based on local needs and putting people and their carers first.

Developed the process to agree and evaluate the options

This made sure everyone knew how to take part and how recommendations would be made.

Developed the evaluation criteria (or tests)

We agreed what criteria were important and how to score them. There were 21 evaluation criteria. These covered things like quality, access, staff and money.

Agreed which people would do the evaluation

2 of the 13 who did this were people from the local community.

Developed and reviewed a long list of options

We asked if each option would meet people’s needs and provide effective services. In this way, we agreed the short-list.


Evaluated the 1 short-listed option. Reviewed the evaluation outcome and process.

The evaluation membership

The membership of the evaluation panel is below. This membership was agreed with the community stakeholder group.

Local representation

  • Local lay member expert: West Cornwall HealthWatch
  • Local Cornwall councillor: Cornwall Council
  • Countywide subject matter experts
  • Deputy director of HR and organisational development, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT)
  • HR people partner equality lead, Royal Cornwall NHS Hospital Trust
  • Commissioning officer, Cornwall Council
  • Community hospital GP lead (from outside of the area), CFT
  • Director of integrated care (community services), NHS Kernow
  • Property strategy lead, Cornwall Council
  • Deputy director clinical quality, NHS Kernow
  • Deputy director of finance, NHS Kernow
  • Programme manager integrated community services, CFT
  • Associate director business development, CFT

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