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Health and care services

The work to improve health and care services in St Ives and Penwith continues. COVID has also required us to make some changes very quickly. This has meant we’ve been able to keep more people safe and cared for at home.

Continuing to improve health and care services

We provide lots of care in people’s home or their community. Where people are able and it’s been suitable, we’ve been able to provide opportunities to speak to staff by phone or video call by using software like FaceTime.

We know people want to be supported at home or close to home for as long as possible. People also want to access a hospital bed when they need it.

We need to design a health and care system fit for the future. We must use our staff, buildings and money wisely.

What we have learnt from our response to COVID-19 – new ways to provide care

In response to COVID-19 health and care staff, volunteers and organisations worked closer together than ever before. We delivered as much care as possible to people at home or in their community and away from hospital. We did this to keep people safe. For example we provided:

Remote access to care

All GP practices provided telephone or video appointments. Some community clinic appointments have also occurred on the phone.

Community assessment and treatment units (CATUs)

2 were set up in West Cornwall Hospital and Camborne/Redruth Community Hospital. These units rapidly diagnose, assess and treat people, including the frail and elderly in our communities. They aim to reduce the amount of time people need to spend in hospital, and often avoid an admission.

Community co-ordination centres (CCCs)

Health and care staff decide together which community team can best to respond to a person’s needs. This ensures people are seen promptly by the right person, and that those with the greatest needs are prioritised for care and support.

What you have told us is important to you

The people on the community stakeholder group agreed these things should be considered when planning services:

  • treat people close to, or at home
  • support people to stay at home, in their community rather than attend hospital
  • focus on prevention and healthy lifestyles
  • work across every health and care organisation in a more joined up way as a single team
  • local services should be based on local need
  • ensure our health and care services are fit for now and the future
  • make the most of what we already have – connect people and services

These have helped this project and shaped the new services that we have put in place.

How can local staff and people be involved in improving services?

There is a group in Penwith called the Penwith Integrated Care Forum (PICF). This group includes people who live and work in Penwith. It includes people who use services and their carers. The people in this group work together to ensure health and care services are easy to access and meet people’s needs. This group has been part of the work to review Edward Hain Community Hospital. This group continues to meet to discuss and plan local health and care support.

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