Ipsos Mori 360 stakeholder survey results

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) need to have strong relationships with a range of health and care partners in order to be successful commissioners within the local system. These relationships provide CCGs with on-going information, advice and knowledge to help them make the best possible commissioning decisions.
The stakeholder survey is a key part of ensuring these strong relationships are in place. The survey allows stakeholders to provide feedback on working relationships with CCGs. The results from the survey will serve two purposes:

  1. To provide a wealth of data for CCGs to help with their ongoing organisational development, enabling them to continue to build strong and productive relationships with stakeholders. The findings can provide a valuable tool for all CCGs to be able to evaluate their progress and inform their organisational decisions.
  2. To feed into improvement and assessment conversations between NHS England and CCGs. The survey will form part of the evidence used to assess whether the stakeholder relationships continue to be central to the effective commissioning of services by CCGs, and in doing so, improve quality and outcomes for patients.

NHS England commissioned Ipsos Mori to coordinate this work to help us understand and develop our relationships, what works and where improvements can be made. These views were used as part of NHS England’s annual CCG assurance process and provide data to help us with our on-going organisational development.

Ipsos Mori 360 stakeholder survey reports

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