BOG CASTS campaign launches for Men’s Health Week

A new campaign using toilet humour is launching to get men to think about their wellbeing during Men’s Health Week (12-18 June).

The idea for the campaign comes from the fact that some men like to “take their time” while using the toilet, use it as a period of time to lock themselves away, and get some peace. They might also use this private time to look at their phones and look up health issues in private when the whole family or work colleagues aren’t around.

BOG CASTS are a series of short videos, aiming to get men to think about what happens to them if they are drinking too much, smoking, have an unhealthy diet, aren’t getting enough exercise or are under a lot of pressure.

Men like to come across as strong, wanting to be the provider of the family and we know they don't always want to admit there's a problem.

But health is important; we want men to get checked out if they’re worried about something, and for them to know its ok to talk about it.

Brian O’Neill, Consultant in Public Health, Cornwall Council said: “Sometimes Googling your symptoms can make you feel worse so it's important to speak to a health professional if you are really worried.

“Making small changes to a lifestyle can make big differences, and prevention is always better than cure. There’s plenty of help and advice on offer in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and I hope that this humorous approach will encourage men to be more open about their health.”

Dr Paul Cook, GP Carnon Downs surgery near Truro added: “We know that men don’t like to feel vulnerable or admit that they need help. So when a man is feeling ill or depressed they tend to try and ignore the issue and hope that it will go away. But I urge them not to shy away from speaking to a health professional; it’s always in confidence and non-judgemental. Sometimes just talking about the problem can make a difference.”

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