Oakleigh House/Sanctuary House

NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council jointly fund Re-Gain CIC to provide support at Sanctuary House in Menheniot, Liskeard and this contract is due to end on the 31 March 2019.
Sanctuary House, also known as Oakleigh House, provides a non-clinical service that offers respite support for people aged 18 and older and are under the care of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) for their mental health.

The service can support up to 5 people at any one time, and people can use the service more than once in any 12 month period. The service does not provide clinical care, but supports people holistically. Any person who requires clinical care during their stay will need to have that provided by their care coordinator from CFT. The service has been commissioned through the Section 75 pooled fund for mental health, and both NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council adult social care contribute 50/50 to the contract value.

NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council regularly reviews the services it commissions to ensure they are based on the needs of the population and provide the best possible clinical outcomes for people and help them recover. These services need to be in line with our local and national priorities, using the money we have available to spend.

The decision to disinvest is never taken lightly and all service information and performance data is reviewed by clinicians and managers who know and understand the service. Decisions are underpinned by a range of evidence and feedback, which demonstrate the impact on improving people’s mental health.

As well as considering feedback from a range of people including those who use the service, NHS Kernow consulted with CFT to understand the impact Sanctuary House has on its service, and the clinical outcomes of people who use it.

Following this review, a decision has been made that NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council will no longer commission Re-Gain to provide support at Sanctuary House when its contract ends on 31 March.

We would like to reassure people that we are committed to commissioning services in line with the NHS Five Year Forward View for mental health to ensure people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are supported to get equitable support across the county, are enabled to manage their condition, get early help if they need it, reduce the risk of reaching a crisis, and having help in place whenever they need it.

This type of service is not reflected in the NHS Five Year Forward View for mental health. It is our joint intention to reinvest the money currently used to commission Sanctuary House to commission further services which are evidence based, equitable and inclusive in access, and open across our communities to all people who may need services. This will give people greater control and choice of managing their condition.

NHS Kernow would like to thank Sanctuary House and its committed staff for the support it has shown to people who have used the service over the years.

Added on 20 February 2019, in News - General news / Mental health

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