Mid Cornwall

The mid Cornwall Primary Care Network includes the Roseland, Lostwithiel, St Austell, the Clays, Newquay and Padstow.
GP surgery information

GP surgeries in mid Cornwall

  • Fowey River Practice
  • Lostwithiel Medical Prloactice
  • Middleway Surgery
  • Arbennek Primary Care Network

    St Austell Healthcare Primary Care Network

    Watergate Healthcare Primary Care Network

    Get involved with your GP practice

    Get involved in commissioning and with a Patient Participation Group (PPG) by talking to the practice manager at your GP surgery.

    You can also contact the practice manager to find out who your mandated GP is. It’s not necessarily a senior partner. A mandated GP is the member of the practice mandated to work on commissioning new services with NHS Kernow. You can find contact details for the practice manager on your GP practice’s website.

    About the mid Cornwall Primary Care Network
    The 12 GP practices in the Mid Cornwall Primary Care Network (PCN) have a registered population of approximately 133,000 patients.

    The clinical directors for the mid Cornwall PCN are:

    • Arbennek PCN: Dr Rawlins Murthy
    • St Austell Healthcare: Dr Stewart Smith
    • Watergate PCN: Dr Dominic Brown

    Three Harbours Medical (Lostwithiel Surgery, Fowey River Practice and Middleway Surgery)

    A cluster of 3 practices with around 19,500 people. A key focus for this cluster is the care of their most frail people. The practices share an eldercare nurse coordinator and are working together to develop this model of care.

    They have developed their IT capability to be able to work from any site across the cluster. This capability is now being used to deliver extended GP practice opening hours. Patients are now able to book appointments until 8pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays.

    St Austell

    This cluster consists of 1 large practice with a population of around 31,000 people. This is the largest single practice in the county.

    The focus of this practice is to bring services closer to people and for the closer integration of community and primary care services. Examples of these include:

    • a social prescribing coordinator
    • countywide social prescribing programme with a link worker
    • 2 clinical pharmacists
    • a senior nurse that leads on integrating closely with the community clinical teams
    • outpatient ophthalmology services on-site
    • extended opening hours on Monday to Fridays to 8pm and on Saturdays

    This practice was one of the first 15 Primary Care Home rapid test sites.

    Mid Cornwall rural cluster

    This is a cluster that has 5 practices covering a population of around 36,000 people. This cluster spans from Mevagissey over to the Roseland, Probus and up to St Stephens and the Clays area. These practices are similar in that they are all rural and most of them have a small practice populations

    The key focus for this cluster is to implement an active signposting approach.

    The Brannel Surgery and The Clays Practice have a link worker working with them as part of a county wide programme.

    Newquay and Petroc cluster

    This cluster has 3 practices covering Newquay, St Columb and Padstow and covers a population of around 47,000.

    Newquay is a rapidly growing town following a major house building programme (4,800 new homes over the next few years). There are plans for another 6,000 new homes by 2030 which are estimated to increase the population by 10,000.

    This cluster is a Primary Care Home site.

    Other healthcare in mid Cornwall

    Fowey Community Hospital
    This hospital’s minor injury unit is currently closed. The nearest minor injury unit is in St Austell.

    Newquay Community Hospital
    Provides in patients beds and outpatient clinics to people in the local area. The hospital’s minor injury unit is run by highly skilled nurses who are available to treat a range of minor conditions. X-ray facilities are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

    Probus Surgical Centre
    Provides numerous NHS day case procedures, including hernia, cataracts and carpel tunnel.

    St Austell Community Hospital
    Provides inpatient care and a range of outpatient clinics to people in the local area. Free car parking is available at this hospital. The minor injury unit is run by highly skilled nurses who are available to treat a range of minor conditions. X-ray facilities are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

    Local priorities for mid Cornwall

    Community resilience

    We are working with local secondary and primary schools and other local teams to improve the mental health, resilience, health and wellbeing of young people.

    Social prescribing

    The experience and learning from the Newquay Pathfinder is still alive and kicking in the cluster. The collaborative way of working and ethos around increasing social connections is still recognised as being important for their communities.

    In December 2018 a leg ulcer group was set-up for Narrowcliff Surgery patients.

    Working with the county wide social prescribing programme with a link worker being located at the Newquay practices.

    Home visiting model

    A recent pilot with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust was felt to be a great success and provided improvement to the demands on primary care. The practices are working to make this a permanent service.