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Pubs and clubs back longer opening hours of minor injury unit

Praise has been heaped on Newquay’s clubs and pubs for backing the extended opening hours of the town’s minor injury unit (MIU) – helping to take the pressure off Treliske’s emergency department.
Ahead of the August bank holiday weekend, Kieran Bignell, from Cornwall 111 – the team behind making sure Newquay’s MIU is open around the clock – has hailed the extended opening hours a “wonderful success”, and thanked the support of the town’s night time economy.

The additional opening hours from 10pm to 8am mean the MIU is open 24 hours a day until 14 September.

The MIU will also be open from 10pm Friday 23 August until 8am Monday 26 August.

It is staffed by a 111 clinician and an assistant who are able to see and treat people who have minor injuries or illnesses and who would otherwise need to visit the emergency department at Truro, or call for an ambulance.

Kieran, consultant paramedic with Cornwall 111 IUCS and head of integrated urgent care, said: “It’s been fantastic to see how the pubs and clubs of Newquay are supporting the MIU’s longer opening hours.

“About 2 weeks ago a young woman had fallen while in a nightclub in Newquay and had twisted her ankle. The door staff called a taxi for the patient to be transported to the MIU where she was able to have an immediate assessment.

“We’ve had a real mix of injuries including a chef who had cut his head open while at work. He walked into the MIU with a cut to the head and we were able to assess and treat the injury within 15 minutes and he was able to return to work and finish his shift.

“A large proportion of patients attending the emergency department have a minor injury but attend the emergency department because there are limited availability of alternative resources.”

“The pilot scheme of opening up the MIU has seen us treating and average of 5 to 7 patients a night which is taking some pressure off the main hospital.”

What you need to know about the Newquay MIU

  • People are advised to call NHS 111 first to determine the best route of care for their condition.
  • A person who has called NHS 111 may still be referred to Truro’s emergency department for the treatment and management of a wide range of medical conditions.
  • Overnight cover at Newquay MIU is provided by highly skilled clinicians (an NHS 111 advanced practitioner and an assistant) from Cornwall 111 IUCS who are able to treat a range of minor conditions which have occurred during the previous 14 days.
  • Minor conditions that can be treated include sprains and strains; broken bones; minor burns and scalds; head injuries (but not if someone is unconscious); insect and animal bites and stings; minor eye injuries, cuts, bruising and grazes.
  • X-ray is available at Newquay MIU from 9am to 5pm. It is not available during the extended period (10pm to 8am).
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