Committees and boards involved in Emotional wellbeing and mental health

Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

Cornwall Council Overview and Scrutiny CAMHS report was signed off in May 2014 following a two day select committee in February 2014. The report made 44 recommendations on the whole CAMHS system, with a view to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. An action plan has been developed to meet the recommendations and as this is updated on a regular basis the latest copy of the plan will be included in the most recent Board papers.

Child and Adolescent Partnership Board

This Board has been in place for some time and is comprised of a wide range of interested stakeholders. The ‘voice’ of children and young people is represented through the Hear our Voice initiative and the linkage to the CAMHS Shadow Board.

The Board has three principle aims;

  1. A joint strategic planning forum
  2. The program board for the CAMHS local transformation plan
  3. A forum for partner discussion

CAMHS Shadow Board

The CAMHS young people's board has been set up in partnership with NHS Kernow to enable the voice of young people to be heard and to influence design and delivery of mental health services in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The board has a specific role to consult and research relevant topics on emotional wellbeing and mental health and to bring these to the attention of the strategic board. They also have a responsibility to support the priorities of the mental health and emotional wellbeing strategic plan. Young people are trained to be able to understand and take part in commissioning processes, to assist with recruitment of staff and to consult with young people in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The board have a responsibility to research gaps in information and resources for young people around mental health and to allocate their funds to address these. Some recent examples of this work include:

  • "Get Your Head around Mental Health - A guide for young carers of adults with mental health difficulties"
  • The development of a new website for young people by young people to be launched in October 2013 (address to follow)

Any young person can apply to become a member, contact for more informatin.