Savvy Kernow?

Savvy Kernow is a countywide service for young people, addressing problems which stop young people from accessing the services they need. This project aims to change the culture of service delivery, empower young people to develop a sense of trust and ownership, leading to informed, responsible, and appropriate decision making. 

  • They will respect young people's rights to confidentiality whatever their age and will clearly explain their confidentiality policy.
  • Even if they cannot help the young person they will still treat their enquiry confidentially.
  • There will be at least one member of staff who has a special interest in young people's health.
  • They understand that young people want to use the service when the times are best for them.
  • They understand that young people may not want to wait in a crowded waiting room with everyone else from the town/ village.
  • Young People can get up to date information about the health matters that concern them.
  • They want to know what young people think about them, and how young people feel they could improve their service.
  • If they cannot help they will be able to help young people find someone who can.