Trampoline safety

Trampolines are great fun for all the family, but they can cause serious injuries if not used safely.

Children using trampolines can suffer from broken bones, and in the most serious cases can suffer head and neck injuries if simple safety rules aren't followed.

That doesn't mean your children shouldn't use trampolines. By following our simple safety tips most accidents can be avoided and trampolines can safely be used for hours of fun and exercise!

Top tips 

  • Only one person should use the trampoline at a time. Most accidents are caused by people not following this simple rule.
  • Only use a garden trampoline if it has a securely fitted safety net and safety padding.
  • Children under the age of six should only use trampolines that are designed for their age.
  • Trampolines should be placed on soft and stable ground with a 2.5 metre safety area all around it which is clear of hazards like trees, fences and washing lines.
  • Always supervise children, and remain alert in case something happens.
  • Teach children how to bounce safely – join a local trampoline club or take advantage of one of our free trampoline lessons.
  • Never go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping.
  • Don't bounce or jump to get off the trampoline.
  • Don't try risky stunts. Somersaults may seem like fun, but can lead to serious head and neck injuries.
  • Always bounce in the middle and under control. Take extra care if it's been raining.