Care homes

We do not provide an infection prevention service to local care homes.

This page is intended to gather useful resources. Additional advice can be accessed by phone or email and visits can sometimes be arranged under special circumstances but this is not routine.

Care homes are required to register with the Care Quality Commission and declare compliance with various standards.

The standard that relates to infection prevention and control comes from the Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance, a document that is commonly referred to as the hygiene code.

This Standard operating procedure for effective infection control in care homes (PDF, 275 KB) provides guidance on the basic expectations.

Outbreak control 

Catheter passports

In spring of this year, we launched our catheter passport (PDF, 751 KB). The passport was developed to be likened to a log book for each resident to give them information on how to care for their catheter as well as a clinical section in the back for their nurses, doctors and carers to fill in as necessary.

Unfortunately, catheters can significantly increase the risk of urinary tract infections and whilst these infections are usually mild, they can on occasion be serious and can impact the general health and wellbeing of residents – which is what we’re trying to prevent.

The catheter passport also includes useful information including; a ‘pee-o-meter’ to ensure that the resident is hydrated. Some tools for assessing and improving hydration are listed under quick links.

Our aim is not just for residents to be equipped with these catheter passports, but for them to be used county-wide throughout the NHS in Cornwall for anyone that has been fitted with a catheter. If you would like any information or require a supply of catheter passports, please contact or call 01726 627917.

Urine infections

Recognising urine infections can be difficult in older people. This Public Health England leaflet (PDF, 289 KB) lists signs to look out for and ways to prevent urine infections.

The UTI diagnostic tool (PDF, 835 KB) should be used to assess symptoms and communicate with the GP.

Infection, prevention and control care home bulletin

We have just developed a bulletin for care homes which focuses around infection, prevention and control. Email if you would like to subscribe to the monthly newsletter.