Personalised care planning

Personalised care planning underpins care for people with complex, ongoing health needs. It is a process whereby people are supported to develop confidence and competence in managing the challenges of living with their long term condition(s), so that they have an improved quality of life, improved clinical outcomes and make more appropriate use of health and social care resources.

Aims of personalised care planning:

  • People will have a full choice of primary and secondary care services
  • Early diagnosis of life-threatening conditions will be much improved
  • More services will be provided closer to home in the communitiy 
  • There will be more emphasis on improving the satisfaction people feeel when they are receiving services.
  • People who access services will have the right information, at the right time, with the right support

The local vision is that care will be designed to fit individual needs, not the other way around, and will be a combination of proactive and reactive delivery. Personalised care planning is the route to achieving this: it has the potential to fundamentally transform the relationship between the public and public services.

The personalised care planning process is one of discussion, negotiation and decision making between a those who deliver and receive services and support. The process should be continuous and led by the person, supporting them to identify what matters to them.